The Metta Flashback Episode

A cheap montage of my journey from obscurity… to still in obscurity

Adrian and Cecilia, about 2 months old. Four years later, that boy still loves pink.

“As a writer, one of the things we all learned from the movies was a kind of compression that didn’t exist before people were used to watching films. For instance, if you wanted to write a flashback in a novel, you once had to really contextualize it a lot, to set it up. Now, readers know exactly what you’re doing.” –Salman Rushdie

The Shift

Imagine if you lived your entire life in a tropical climate and you’ve never experienced or heard of snow. One day someone who’s lived in the arctic attempts to explain the concept of snow, blizzards, and all that comes with winter to you. Your lack of experience with snow does not negate the existence of snow, the need for winter clothing, snow drifts, etc. In order to entertain the notion of snow, you have to first concede that the world as you know it is not the only way the world can exist.

Returning to obscurity

An unassuming hobbit who lives in a notebook with a pet fountain pen. Proud member of House Hufflepuff. Music maker, dreamer of dreams.